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The ESCAP course on Climate Change Statistics combines modules from the SEEA-CF, SEEA-EEA, SEEA-AFF, Ocean Accounts with an overview of climate change science. Participants are guided through a week-long exercise to determine climate change priorities in their countries, research appropriate data and make recommendations for statistical development to address their priorities.

SEEA and Climate Change
Climate Change-related Statistics Overviewn/a
Climate Indicator Metadata Sheets Exercisen/a
Climate Change-related Statistics Course
01. Overview of Environment Statisticsn/a
02. FDES Ch.3.4 - Extreme Events and Disasters
03. Climate Change-related Statisticspresentation.pptxn/a
04. SEEA-CF Ch. 3.2 - Physical Flows
05. SEEA-CF Ch. 3.5 & 5.11 Water Accounts
06. SEEA-CF Ch. 3.4 Energy Flow Accounts
07. SEEA-CF Ch. 3.6.3 Air Emissions
08. SEEA-CF Ch. 3.6.5 Waste Accounts
09. SEEA-CF Ch. 4 Environmental Activity Accounts
10. SEEA-CF Ch. 5.6 Land Accounts
11. SEEA-CF - Forest Accounts
12. SEEA-EEA - Ecosystem Condition
13. Ocean Accountsn/a

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