The ESCAP course on Climate Change Statistics combines modules from the SEEA-CF, SEEA-EEA, SEEA-AFF, Ocean Accounts with an overview of climate change science. Participants are guided through a week-long exercise to determine climate change priorities in their countries, research appropriate data and make recommendations for statistical development to address their priorities.

SEEA and Climate Change
Climate Change-related Statistics Overviewn/a
Climate Indicator Metadata Sheets Exercisen/a
Climate Change-related Statistics Course
01. Overview of Environment Statisticsn/a
02. FDES Ch.3.4 - Extreme Events and Disasters
03. Climate Change-related Statisticspresentation.pptxn/a
04. SEEA-CF Ch. 3.2 - Physical Flows
05. SEEA-CF Ch. 3.5 & 5.11 Water Accounts
06. SEEA-CF Ch. 3.4 Energy Flow Accounts
07. SEEA-CF Ch. 3.6.3 Air Emissions
08. SEEA-CF Ch. 3.6.5 Waste Accounts
09. SEEA-CF Ch. 4 Environmental Activity Accounts
10. SEEA-CF Ch. 5.6 Land Accounts
11. SEEA-CF - Forest Accounts
12. SEEA-EEA - Ecosystem Condition
13. Ocean Accountsn/a

A note to the user:

The materials are in progress and are subject to change. They are necessarily simplifications of the materials in the guidance documents, which should be the main reference for producing statistics and accounts.


These materials are free for you to use, adapt and translate. If you do adapt them, please acknowledge ESCAP. They were produced in collaboration with many partners, who are acknowledged in the documents. They have benefitted from testing and feedback from many workshop participants.

Please contact us ( if you have viewed the presentations. We would be interested in hearing your views on how we could improve the materials.

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